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Solar Panel

A solar panel can provide energy for your home by converting sunlight into electricity. The basic components of a solar cell include a silicon wafer, a metal coating and an electrolyte. A solar panel which absorbs the sun’s rays and converts them into electricity is made of these three components.

Solar panels are the most widely used form of renewable energy. They are flexible and can be mounted on the top of any object, giving them maximum exposure to the sun. We have a large selection of solar panels from different manufacturers, so you can choose one that best suited your needs.

Solar panels are photo voltaic batteries. They contain a highly efficient solar cells integrated with the necessary electronics to convert sunlight into electricity. All the components of a solar panel are installed within the same encapsulant, which is more robust and cheaper than other cell manufacturers might use, thus reducing manufacturing costs. Clean, reliable energy from the sun.

Utility-grade solar panels are designed to generate electricity reliably, efficiently and safely.

Solar panel is the most effective renewable energy source available. The technology to generate electricity from sunlight has existed for nearly 60 years, and solar power has been used since the beginning of electricity production. Yet it's only been about 35 years since solar energy took on a larger role in the U.S., when capacity grew fourfold between 1994 and 2004. Solar energy proponents believe that with sunnier days ahead for solar energy, we will see continued record growth in this sector at an average annual compound growth rate of 15% per year...

Renewable energy is now on everyone's lips and everyone is talking about it. Solar panels and wind turbines have become everyday items in people's homes, and rooftop solar panels have become a way of life. Renewable energy is an important part of our modern world just like cars that don't run on gas, electricity from the grid and battery-powered vehicles.