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About Us

Arignar anna industrial society vellore is an non profit organisation and has registered in Govt of Tamilnadu Society register act 27 of 1975 and registered under the National Transforning India Niti ayog . Arignar anna industrial society is an Non Profit Organaisation. unique id is : Anna society is an short form and it is our brand name we will used for our society projects

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"ஊக்கம்தான் வெற்றியின் முதல் படிக்கட்டு!"
- அறிஞர் அண்ணா"

about page


The objects of the society are those mentioned in the Memorandum of Association and in Particular the following :- modern technology for Industrial development, To improve Rural and agriculture Development, the society will promote the MSME schemes & Free Trainings for students and youngsters,society will improve opportunities to Self Help Groups ,To promote Renewable Energy schemes, To give Free Skill Development Trainings for Industrial workers like boiler operators,power plant engineers, biofuels industries employs and sericulture workers etc., To promote the interests and all round welfare of all the socially economically and educational down-trodden people,To promote Khadi schemes and indian manufacturing products to public,The society creating legal awareness among the members and give legal aid to the members and illiterate people.

Benefits of Society

  • To participate all free training courses.
  • To register for job vacancies
  • Youngster and students can join in innovative society projects
  • Students can get scholarships or fees sponsor.
  • Youngster /students can interact with experienced technical experts in mass interactions conducted by society.
  • Business people can sell their products to society.
  • Members can easily promote their business with society members each others.
  • Members can purchase various products In lowest price and good quality.
  • Members can participate in regular free medical camps conducted by society.
  • Industry Related Government & Finance Polices Knowledge Sharing

Society Loans (Future Plans)

  • Loans for to setup office and equipments.
  • Loans for to upgrade your business with modern equipment’s and digitalizing.
  • Loans to setup a goat farms
  • Loans to setup dairy farms.
  • Loans to setup fish farms.
  • Loans for purchase of modern equipment’s for industrial boilers.
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