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Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture and modern farming should be a global priority, contributing to sustainable food production, economic development and livelihoods.

Smart agriculture is an interdisciplinary field that integrates fields including computer science, management science, economics, environmental engineering and environmental biology. The goal of smart agriculture is to configure more sustainable production systems for food, fiber and bioenergy.

Smart agriculture – the practice of using technology to connect land or livestock to the Internet of Things, or IoT – is the ultimate aim for agriculture. It aims to provide more efficient use of resources and provide sustainable production.

Modern farming is a process that applies new technologies to provide more efficient and sustainable ways of growing crops. This can be done through the use of smart farmers with specialised tools, who can better move around their fields while gathering information which aids them on their way. It is important to note that these tools cannot substitute ones in the field when it comes to manual work.

Smart agriculture is an emerging field that involves using intelligent systems and technologies to optimize resource use. Modern farming includes practices such as integrated pest management (IPM), watershed management, and tillage systems that help improve the quality of life for farmers and the environment.

Modern farming and Smart agriculture, a new era in which the farmers do not need to spend energy on farming.

Smart agriculture is an approach to applied artificial intelligence in which the decision-making capabilities of machines are used in conjunction with that of humans. It is a concept that offers farmers alternatives to more traditional approaches, such as fossil fuels, pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Smart agriculture has many positive benefits for society, economy and environment.

Agriculture is defined as the practice of modifying, raising and farming any kind of nourishment that grows on the earth. In the process of creating a healthy and nutritious world for people, agriculture affects both humans and the environment in many ways.